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Rockettes - Then and Now

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Berlinda Artzner-Gordon studied music, dance, voice and modelling in Ohio and New York. She danced at Radio City Music Hall with the Rockettes in 1963-1964. She has one grown son and she is engaged to Sonny Spielman. Berlinda has been affiliated with numerous plays and musical reviews as a dancer, actor and choreographer. Berlinda's dancing days are far from over. Her most recent performances have been with the Silver Sizzles Review where the performers range in age from 50-73 years. In 1999 Berlinda auditioned for a spot in the Palm Springs Follies and, although she was a finalist, she did not earn a spot in the production because the producers felt she looked too young. Berlinda says, "I'm 57 and proud of it..... I'll just try for the Palm Springs show again when I'm 60." Berlinda is living in Dover, OH.