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Rockettes - Then and Now

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Corliss Whitney & the Seasoned Steppers
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Corliss Fyfe has been dancing since the age of 3 and performed on pointe in Pavlova's Dying Swan in Carnegie Hall at the tender age of 12. Corliss entered the family of Rockettes in 1945 (at 17 going on 12) and retired in 1953, expecting the first of three sons. She now has three wonderful daughters-in-law, three great sons, six fantastic grandkids and a husband of 50+ years, Frank Whitney, president of Fire Island Markets. Corliss started a dance group in 1994 that now consists of sixteen women who had never before owned a pair of tap shoes. The "Seasoned Steppers" perform approximately 60 times a year and have been to New York, Las Vegas, Reno, and Atlantic City.