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Rockettes - Then and Now

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Well, Dodo's Dodos did ther first performance and their audience (the Assisted Living section) was thrilled. So were the performers. They ain't exactly "seasoned", but they're sure trying to be "steppers". As you can see from the picture, they're not precise yet, but they're a delightful bunch. They hold hands a lot, to keep their balance. (They were leaning against the wall when Bob shot the picture). The tall blond in the middle is Margo--84 yrs old, almost blind, but never flubs a step. The rest watch her feet while they lead her around.

Dodo Wicker was a Radio City Music Hall Rockette from 1943-1952. She was married to Jerry Rossano (Jerry Gilbert, Music Hall Glee Club) and has two children: Carol who is a teacher in CA and a published author of a biology text book, and Rick who is the leader of the rock'n'roll band known as the Dillengers. Jerry passed away in 1970. Dodo then married Ed McGee adding three step-children, three step-grandchldren and three step-great-grandchildren to her family. Ed passed away in 1984. Dodo is presently married to Bob Parmenter and has added two more step children and five more step-grandchildren to her extended family. Being a Rockette is the thing Dodo is most proud of in her life (right after her two kids, that is). Friends made at the hall, even those she's never even actually worked with, are the most enduring friendships she has. When Radio City Music Hall Alumni get together they just pick up where they left off last time they met. It never seems like any time has passed when they meet again. They're truly "sisters."