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Rockettes - Then and Now

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Lorraine Berry started working at the Music Hall during her high school summer vacation at the tender age of 16. She returned to school, graduated and then became a permanent member of the Rockettes in 1950. Lorraine lived in the Bronx and commuted to Manhattan. After working a few years at the Music Hall she left to work in different hotels in Reno. She returned to the Music Hall and stayed until 1958. She moved from the Bronx to upstate NY where she owned and operated a beauty salon for 17 years. Lorraine went back and enrolled in college to learn computers and graduated in 1990. She then worked until she retired in 1995. She has since moved to Las Vegas to live near relatives. Lorraine loves retirement. Lorraine says working with such wonderful girls as the Rockettes was a great experience for her and she feels very fortunate to have been a part of it all.